Thank you for an interest in my photos. The bird photographs at this site are a sample of some of my work. My photos are available for one time use for publications and other media.  In addition to the mostly digital photos shown on this website I also have a large collection of 35mm transparencies. Original transparencies and full-sized digital files can be sent out upon request to serious prospective clients.

High quality prints suitable for display and framing are now available for purchase as well. Please contact about sizes and prices of any particular photo that you may be interested in. I keep 13x19 and 8.5x11 inch photo paper in supply and can print those or any dimensions within.

I get many requests about my photos for various uses. I currently have a strict policy of never giving away any photos for any purpose without proper payment. This includes all publications, web uses, and power point presentations. NO EXCEPTIONS. Unless some sort of payment is mentioned in an e-mail request, I will not respond.  Bird photography is time consuming and very expensive. Giving away photos devalues my work and that of other hard working folks. While I understand that some people might want free photos, camera and computer retailers, gas stations, motels, etc. do not.

Thank you for your understanding.


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