Feb. 12, 2010

Here are some photos taken with my new Canon 1D MarkIV using the Canon 100 f2.8 L IS macro lens.  The new type of image stabilization on this lens is really more capable than I originally thought. Since the IS only compensates for up and down and side to side movements and not movements parallel to the plane of focus, I set the camera on AF servo at the fastest tracking setting and that does the trick.  These were all hand held between 1/125th sec. and 1/250th sec. using between f8 and f11. Since I always have binoculars hanging around my neck when doing any sort of birding or photography, they rested against the lens hood and added to the stability. Almost all were razor sharp in the full-sized files. Any unsharp photos I got mostly resulted from me not keeping the lens parallel to the plane of focus.  These are all ice patterns in my backyard flood plain of the Scioto River in Columbus after a recent freeze, but before snow covered all the ice. Ice patterns always make interesting photographic subjects to me. The new Canon IS macro lens really works well for this stuff, and it is a lot easier to be able to get quality results by hand holding a lens than getting on your knees and painstakingly setting everything up on a tripod. Because of all the fine detail in the photos, these files are large and may take a while to download.